Simon Toffanello

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The Jahan

Captain on deck of the ship


Mekong river cruiser commercial photography

Cruising the Mekong

Guests relax on their private balcony

Sailing the Tonle Sap

A maid prepares the luxury suite

Preparing the suite

Commercial photography for Heritage Line

Fresh towels

Photographic detail of the do not disturb sign


Luxury river cruiser advertising photography Cambodia

Cruising the Tonle Sap

Spa treatment photography on the Jahan

Apsara Spa

Welcome portrait photography on the Jahan


The Jahan cruise ship photography Cambodia

Hello sailor

The Jahan corporate photography cruising on the Tonle Sap

Cruising at Kg Chhnang

Cruise ship commercial interior photography


Interior photography on the Jahan cruise liner Cambodia

Superior suite cabin

Interiors photography by Simon Toffanello

Deluxe State Room

Lord Byron interior photographs on the Jahan

Lord Byron Suite

Architectural interiors photography

Superior cabin

Cruise ship interiors photography


The Jahan commercial photography Cambodia

Raj of India lounge

Architectural photography the Jahan cruise liner

The Raj Lounge

Interiors photography by Simon Toffanello

The Viceroy dining hall

Food photography on the Jahan


The Jahan food images


Cruise ship food photography


Sailing on the Jahan along Mekong at dusk

Mekong Dusk

BBQ night on the pool deck of the Jahan in Phnom Penh

BBQ Boys

The Jahan on the Tonle Sap photography assignment

Tonle Sap

The Jahan observatory interior photography


Jahan pool and sun deck exterior photography

Pool and sun deck

Portrait photography on the Jahan cruise liner Cambodia

The Funnel bar

Cambodian portraiture photography


Sailor in action on the Jahan Cambodia

Sailor action

Tai Chi at dawn events photography on cruise ship in Cambodia

Tai Chi at dawn

Luxury river cruise ship on the Mekong commercial photography Cambodia

Cruise the tonle

Interior commercial photography in Phnom Penh Cambodia

Raj of India lounge

Tourists on the Jahan photography Cambodia

Observatory deck

Staff portrait photography on the Jahan Cambodia


Commercial photography on Mekong river cruise ship Cambodia

Pool deck

Tonle Sap Cambodia commercial photography

Sun deck

Photography on the Tonle Sap


Staff in action photography on the Jahan Cambodia

East India Funnel Bar

Cruising the Mekong at dawn commercial photography

Breakfast tea

The Jahan observatory interiors photography

Observatory for four

Photography interiors

Observatory for two

Exterior commercial photography on the Mekong Cambodia

Mekong sand bar