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kampot zoo

Kampot zoo entrance travel features photo shoot


Travel photography hornbill at Tuek Chhou Zoo Cambodia


Asian Golden Cat Kampot Zoo photo essay

Asian golden cat

Durian Statue at Kampot zoo Cambodia travel photography

Durian man

Male orangutan kampot zoo travel photo story

Popsy the orangutang

Orang utans stare at the camera at Kampot Zoo

Urah and Popsy

Popsy at Kampot zoo taking a bath Cambodia travel

Bath time

Crocodile enclosure Kampot Zoo Cambodia travel photography

Crocodile enclosure

Crocodile at Teuk Chhou Zoo Kampot Cambodia travel photography

Amputated croc

Gibbon at Kampot Zoo travel photgraphy

White cheeked gibbon

Cambodia travel photos Kampot Zoo feature story

black crested gibbon

Red faced baboon Cambodia travel photography at Kampot Zoo


Tiger enclosure Cambodian zoo photography assignment

Sros the female bengal tiger

Bengal tiger in Teuk Chhou zoo Kampot

Ort gom lang

Documentary travel photography at Teuk Chhou Zoo Kampot Cambodia

Defunct merry go round

Documentary travel photo assignment at Kampot Zoo

Reap the female Leopard

Cambodian Zoo photo essay leopard approaches camera

Ello ello

Leopard portrait photography at Teuk Chhou Zoo Cambodia

Leopard Heads

Documentary photography assignment at Kampot Zoo

A big stork's cage

Tribesman Statue at the zoo in Kampot

Tribesman statue

Caged eagle Kampot Cambodia travel photography essay

Fly where

Travel photography feature story at Kampot Zoo Cambodia

Lion enclosure

Travel photography essay at Kampot Zoo Cambodia

Lions Gate

Kampot Zoo documentary photography lioness enclosure

Roaming Lioness

Photography essay at Teuk Chhou zoo Cambodia

Skinny boy

Statue photography around kampot zoo


Camel portrait photography at Kampot zoo

Indian camel

Black ostrich running towards the camera at Teuk Chhou zoo


Ostrich portrait photography in Kampot Zoo Cambodia

Black ostrich

Kampot zoo travel photo essay Vishnu statue against Bokor


Wild boar photo strip at Teuk Chhou Kampot Cambodia

Boar stomp

Teuk Chhou Zoo Kampot Cambodia travel photography

Foaming Asian wild boar

Travel feature photography at Kampot Zoo Cambodia

Boar snout

Tiger leaps inside cage Kampot Cambodia Photography

Meanchey the young male Bengal tiger

On assignment Kampot Zoo travel photography

Tiger stroll

Bengal tiger portrait photo at Cambodian zoo

Meanchey the teenage Bengal tiger

Teuk Chhou zoo photo essay

Horse hill

Elephant statue at Teuk Chhou zoo Cambodia travel photo

Elephant men

Teuk Chou zoo elephants travel photography

Kiri and Seila Asian elephants

Ape statue kampot cambodia photography travel story


Popsy orangutang stares at the camera travel photo cambodia


Popsy the orangutang in Kampot Zoo photo essay

what you looking at?

Orangutang at Kampot zoo Cambodia travel photography

One more beer