ANZ Royal

ANZ Royal commercial shoot

Commercial photography works I shot for ANZ this August in Phnom Penh. Again a pleasant experience working with their marketing team and the River Orchid team, professional and easy going photo shoots. Makes my job so much easier.

Phirith Uch was art directing again and did the layout design. Producer Seathan Pom, Srey Toiche did the makeup. As always my photo assistant Miss Tauch Lon doing the mans work, lifting, operating and placing my strobes where I want them. A nice choice of pro talents played by ANZ staff as well.


ANZ Royal 10th Anniversary shoot

An interesting commercial shoot recently in Phnom Penh. We had to draw out a big number 10 in a concrete parking space using a hose pipe, some string, gaffer tape and a stone for chalk. We photographed looking down from the corner edge roof of a 3 story building. Slight vertigo at first until I got used to it.

The talents were staff from ANZ branches, we only had about 30 people, so did several shots to be composited, moving the 30 section by section and shuffling them around for each shot.

Great to work with the River Orchid team again and things went nice and sroool. With producer Vicheth Chea, art director come mathematician Paul Bermingham and post production Pirith Uch.