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Prudential print ads

Commercial print ads photo shoot for Prudential, shot at Plus Max studio in Phnom Penh. Agency Champagne, producer Piseth Chea, art director Sola Aurelien. This otherwise easy shoot was a nightmare, as the very young children casted, under 4 years old were completely unmanageable and cried the whole time.

What could have been shot in half a day went to about 10 hours + with little success when it came to the younger none talents. I managed to get hold of one of the final layouts pictured here. In the end we managed to capture a few good images with the very young kids looking good and happy. But haven't seen the final layouts yet. The young boy pictured here was excellent, he was about 7 years old.


Tiger Street Football ads

Another commercial photography ad shoot we did at Slek Rith Films studio in Phnom Penh. Print ads for the Tiger Street Football event held in Siem Reap and around the country last month.

For this I used the rim lighting technique similar to my Dreamyland series. But instead of a beauty dish I used a small/medium soft box for the front fill. We shot several angles of each player for the composite.

Featuring French Khmer football star and fashion model Thierry Chantha Bin who plays for Phnom Penh Crown and the national Cambodian football team. Designer Bunsak But did the post production work on the players. As he did for my Dreamyland work.


ANZ Royal 10th Anniversary shoot

An interesting commercial shoot recently in Phnom Penh. We had to draw out a big number 10 in a concrete parking space using a hose pipe, some string, gaffer tape and a stone for chalk. We photographed looking down from the corner edge roof of a 3 story building. Slight vertigo at first until I got used to it.

The talents were staff from ANZ branches, we only had about 30 people, so did several shots to be composited, moving the 30 section by section and shuffling them around for each shot.

Great to work with the River Orchid team again and things went nice and sroool. With producer Vicheth Chea, art director come mathematician Paul Bermingham and post production Pirith Uch.


PULSAR 200ns photography print ad

Latest commercial photography shoot for the new Pulsar 200NS Vipar Auto ad. Photographed in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Bunsak But assisted me on this one as well as managing the final composite and retouch. Nice one mate!
These shiny bikes are tricky to light. We used a makeshift white tent to surround the bike. Unwanted reflections, reflections, and more reflections!!